Brent Is a series of stoneware cups I made as part of my OSH training in the ceramics workshop. They are a set of two color glazed cups with a glossy colorful glaze on the inside to make it more hygenic and a matte black on the lower part of the outside to give a more pleasant surface to hold on an...


  • Dicipline: Product design, Prototyping
  • Delivery: Functioning Prototype
  • Team Project: Collaboration with Thomas Rokstad and Annelise Svåsand

Resonans Is a backpack/carrying case for the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 bluetooth speaker. The eyecatch here being the laser cut geometric...


Suggestions For Jyb App improvements

  • Dicipline: UX/UI Design, Animation Design, Service Design
  • Delivery: Wireframe and Improvement Insights
  • Group Project: Collaboration with Ulrik Valla and `Lily Comlan

What started out as a probe into the current job market for designers, ended up as a c...

Kalebass WIP

  • Dicipline: Product design
  • One-off peice made privately
  • Solo Project

Kalebass Is a work in progress table lamp with a valet tray, for having in an entrance area. So far i have designed a glass bulb inspired by the bottle gourd(Kalebass is gourd in Norwegian.) which i went to a g...


  • Dicipline: Product design
  • Delivery: Scale Model and Report
  • Team Project: Collaboration with Thomas Rokstad and Annelise Svåsand

Hvile is a bench unit designed for waiting rooms, particulary in hospitals and similar Institutions.

The design was based on our observations and rese...

Kido Butai

  • Dicipline: Typography
  • Delivery: .otf font file
  • Solo Project Kido Butai is a monospaced display font inspired by Japanese cyberpunk movies. It is a Capital only font with some CJK glyphs. It was done as a university project in primarily Glyphs and FontLab VI. It was done as part of...


  • Dicipline: Product Design, Mass Production
  • Delivery: Finished product x9 and Report
  • University project about designing for mass production.
  • Solo Project Stemning is a mood light/night light designed to give off a soft glow in one or several colors and fit into a modern living envi...