• Dicipline: Product design
  • Delivery: Scale Model and Report
  • Team Project: Collaboration with Thomas Rokstad and Annelise Svåsand

Hvile is a bench unit designed for waiting rooms, particulary in hospitals and similar Institutions.

The design was based on our observations and research into hospitals and doctor's offices in Oslo and Bærum, Interviews with "elite users", litterary research, and focused around the following points.

  • The bench unit should be tall enough that the average person can det up without much effort.
  • While being comfortable, it should not be so soft that it causes problem when people try to get up.
  • It should be easy to clean and sanitize.
  • it should incorporate storage for entertainment(magazines etc.)
  • It sholuld have a way to charge devices(the current most common entertainment)
  • It should keep a minimum spacing between seats
  • It should include a function to retain walking aids without a risk of dropping them on the ground

The model is primarily made from recycled material from furniture we got from Bærum's city hall.

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